PostModernism, WWW and Mass Media. Concept Map.

A picture is worth a thousand words although it is not always easy to find good pictures for the ideas you have about complex constructions like postmodernism.

I loved CmapTools Concept Maps they are in some way a simplification of a UML analysis. And sometimes those Concept Maps are the only way to graphically explain (and understand) such things as the feedback between Lyotard and Braudillard postmodern society, web technology and the empowerment of mass media. These arguably are the three most important social institutions in the Postmodernism layout.

Here it is my 9 years old 😀 concept map. Yeah… there are some things that I would understand differently now, but it’s cool to see how ideas get old with time!

Here it is! The concept map! Click to enlarge

Raúl Antón Cuadrado

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