Postmodern Narrative in Bourdieu, ‘The reproduction’

Bourdieu is that guy who sometimes speaks about pedagogy or education, the same man who researched about Algeria Anthropology and even wrote articles about the economy. The book he presented with Passeron, ‘La reproduction’, should be included in the top books about education.

This book is amazing because of what it says and, even more, how it says it. Instead of writing an indigestible paper brick, and by that I mean a regular essay, they make a scheme. They use short phrases in a hierarchy of ideas to clearly point out which is the most important and what is an accessory. They use a numbered ideas list, and they complete it with explanation paragraphs to be read in case you do not completely understand the header. This more than 40-years-old book does not force you to perform boring, attention-consuming sequential reading. It is a neat example of netmodern narrative, ineludible with the Internet.

And, by the way, what does this book say? They explain in parallel to Lyotard’s admonition about science that the educational system hasn’t been built to emancipate people, and not even to discover and transmit the truth. They think empowered classes are using educational system to make the rest of us stupid by assuming indisputable current social schemes that perpetuate them in the superior vortex.

Why is the Internet such a powerful weapon (MOOCS are only an example)? Because it could transform the educational process into learning processes in which the limits are not marked by the educational system but by the learner.

It is our responsibility to take advantage of that!

Raúl Antón Cuadrado


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