Automattic. Trust, horizontality, openness for happier and more productive people

I’ll be talking about distributed work and how we implement it in Automattic (combining happier and more productive people) with some nice folks in People R-evolution. It’ll be on July 20th from 17.00 to 19.00 CEST and you can sign up for this talk here.

Someone told me I look in the poster like a recent graduate looking for his first job 😛

What’s the talk about?

It’s gonna be easy. It’s about working at Automattic. The audience is -hopefully- eager to see that this works and you can make a successful fully distributed company that rocks and makes both shareholders and workers happy. How to get happier and more productive people thanks to distribution. So talking about me living the dream.

Let me share the slides with you. As always: You’re welcome to ask about any detail you’re curious about and also remember: we’re hiring!

What are the key points of success? (I called it pillars as we play the game in Italy)

Sounds perfect and it makes sense as this was the title, right? So horizontality, openness and communication are crucial for any success (for the company and, or, the workers). Fair enough. But these 3 pillars to build what?

Participation, Trust, Engagement. It’s all about this.

Office agnosticism and skepticism for synchronicity

Well, you got me. So true. But, next step. How is this related to remote work? Weren’t you going to talk about remote work.

Well, first, we like calling it distributed, not remote. There are some slight differences. But even more, we think is all about synchronicity. Do you really need to always work sync?

And something specific to remote work you’d like to share?

Lots of things. I just recapped some for this talk. Here they are.

I’m all ears. Now I’m curious about Automattic. Do you have any details to share?

Indeed. Some as an amuse-bouche. Then, you ask.

That’s all folks?

That’s not all, folks. This is just to start a conversation. Conversations are where the magic happens and how we can become happier and more productive people ;). We’ll have a juicy conversation -no doubt- this afternoon, and you can also use comments to throw insights, opinions, questions or criticisms 🙂

Do you want to read more about Automattic and the amazing working space we are building?

Sure thing! I’d start by some recent Matt videos 

Or, if you prefer the written word…

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