Knowledge, Language, and Communication. Concept map.

One of the characters in a Monteroso short tale says

‘Padece Vd. una de las dolencias más normales en el género humano: la necesidad de comunicarse con sus semejantes’

or something as

‘your illness is one of the most common in the mankind, the need to communicate with others’.

We are born animals, we become humans by social interaction

We are born being bugs. And since that very moment we start building the human condition, becoming humans trough social interaction. This happens first with our parents, and then we widen our relationship range. And social interaction is facilitated by language.

In consequence, from the first smile (the one you do not know if it is a smile or the beginning of crying) to a Nobel acceptance speech, there is no more than a language-social interaction-thought feedback chain, a cooperative co-construction.

A concept map can explain these relationships:

Click to enlarge

Ps. I’ll be adding more concept map s here

Raúl Antón Cuadrado

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