Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado. Extraordinary PhD Award

Using my Dr. title in public, because it is my choice.

When I read my colleague Tess’s post (my title my choice) I decided to do something about it. Context: The post was a reaction to a repulsive Wall Street Journal article. That article simply is a repugnant patronizing and sexist attack on Dr. Jill Biden’s use of Dr. title. I agree with Tess when she […]

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Descartes, Google and Wikipedia

Descartes, considered rationalism’s father, was tormented trying to discover what was true and what a mere speculation. The same as we do when looking for something on the Internet anyway. He needed a good bunch of justifications and reasonings. There are 3 chapters of the “Discours de la Méthode” before getting the well known Cogito ergo sum, aka […]

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Postmodern Narrative in Bourdieu, ‘The reproduction’

Bourdieu is that guy who sometimes speaks about pedagogy or education, the same man who researched about Algeria Anthropology and even wrote articles about the economy. The book he presented with Passeron, ‘La reproduction’, should be included in the top books about education. This book is amazing because of what it says and, even more, […]

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