Postmodern Narrative in Bourdieu, ‘The reproduction’

Bourdieu is that guy who sometimes speaks about pedagogy or education, the same man who researched about Algeria Anthropology and even wrote articles about the economy. The book he presented with Passeron, ‘La reproduction’, should be included in the top books about education. This book is amazing because of what it says and, even more, […]

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Could knowledge be greasy?

Training makes you stupid? I have just reread an article about Learning Obesity I bookmarked some time ago, and I can’t avoid writing several notes. The Learning Obesity concept is clearly explained at Briefly: In the same way that if you eat more than you need to you will become fat, mental obesity takes […]

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Los valores de Buffer, de

#BufferCulture2Learning: A toolbox to enforce horizontal emancipatory learning communities’ culture.

Buffer is an amazing social tool. But Buffer has something even better: the buffer  culture. Buffer teams are postfordist and distributed (dispersed, to be more precise) and they are determined to act in a canonically transparent incomparable way. Sound awesome? It is. They have assessed the Buffer culture in 10 values to rule this globally-spread team with a common goal.

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