Talking about peer reviews at Commit Conf 2019.

I’m going to commit-conf to put in common the amazing peer reviews process we implemented with Neptune team in Automattic. This is the talk (How to implement a peer reviews learning workflow that your team will love) by the way.

But I also wanted to share some related things I’ve discovered.

Why is this talk going to be cool?

I presented the process to some fellow team leads in the Happiness Team Leads Meetup after Tech Lead Developer London conference. And it rocked! It rocked so much that we are 6 teams applying this process, just 3 months after that. So, I have the same talk core, but I can add some lessons learned from other teams, my fellow team leads feedback and insights after having given it a try and some more months of cumulative experience.

… but it will be REALLY cool if we find time to talk after the talk!.

What do I earn with this talks? 2 main things. When we prepare a talk we are these getting the first and foremost benefit out of it.

no olvidemos que somos los primeros beneficiados de preparar ponencias y hablar en conferencias. (Katia Aresti)

Lovely post -in Spanish- talking about getting and receiving feedback that I discovered googling information about the event. It’s worth the translation 😉

The second thing is that you can devirtualize or see again some amazing peeps. Something that you especially appreciate when you work remotely. It seems Álvaro MrFoxTalbot (a WordPress community prominent member) will be there and I still hope I’ll convince MrGrihan (#).

But it also is a very special moment to meet and discover new interesting people. So, please, if you are reading this and by any chance, you’ll be in commit-conf…

Let’s have a coffe and talk!

Some learnings about commit-conf

The first learning was about the language. I am supposed to give the talk in English, while I can’t fully understand it. Spain is not very well positioned in the raking of English mastery. In other words, the last time I gave a talk in English, we were 6 people there. Talks should be given in the local language IMO, unless a mega-speaker justifies the usage of English… but well… I trust the organization committee.

I had some more really interesting learnings about commit-conf, but they essentially mention Spanish blogs/pages, so if you feel courageous and want to read them… check the Spanish version of this post.

And, in any case… see you there!

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