We are now RemoteFrog!

There is nothing permanent except change.


I bet Heraclitus didn’t say this, but it makes sense. And this site needed some changes, a name change, a look change, and an approach change. And so there we are working (I dont buy this design yet and we accept ideas), but we have a clear focus:

  • Remote Leadership: aka discussions about how to lead, encourage animate and build long term teams and project teams.
  • Remote and Online Learning: aka discussions about challenges these scenarios bring with them and how to face them to implement effective learning programs.
  • Communication on the Internet: aka discussions about changes the Internet has introduced in human communication, the impacts these changes have in personal and social relationships and how to deal with these changes.

And what about the name? In these 10 years since we started, we have changed the name from itcomext.com, comunicacionextendida.com, aprehendizajes.com… to RemoteFrog.com.

Remote makes sense, right? What about Frog? Well, it was a signal coming from Seville. I was giving a try to a Theme from SiloCreativo and I stumbled upon this soooo cool downloadable calendar with a couple of Frogs. So… frogs are just coincidental… or not so? 😉

Calendar detail. If you wanna see more, click the link above.

We count on you. See ya nice remoters.

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