A brief thought about consensus and divergence

Pic from instagram.com/raulanton

Pic from instagram.com/raulanton

What if I say consensus is over-considered? There is a nasty ideological construction that has institutionalized consensus as a dogma. It seems any human communication process goal is to reach consensus: to be able to agree on something.

But is there anything beyond consensus?

Yep. There is. [Star Wars mode on] Consensus obscure is. Powerful, consensus seduction, to fascism lead can. [Star Wars mode off] Consensus as an absolute goal, throttle under a mask of agreement and dialogue any bifurcate path. Consensus is nothing more than a single stories factory. You need to start by pruning ‘odd branches’ – a synonym in this case to genuine opinions – to reach consensus. And this is bad. Evil.

So then?

What if we respect divergent opinions? What if we stop feeling uncomfortable – sometimes outraged – with those who think or act in a different way? Believe me, being tolerant of differences is something unavoidable in this scenario where globalization is well implanted but has not yet eradicated any social or ideological particularity.

OK, then. Let’s respect differences. Lane ends – or could be anything beyond?

Undeniably, there is something beyond. Something with a power so awesome that it could invert the global crowd stupidization – aka cultural homogenization – process. It consists of having a genuine interest in divergent cultural expressions and/or opinions. To be persuaded that seminal ideas, innovations, interesting things lie on the boundaries.

Only by integrating ideological structures that differ from ours will we be able to rethink what is apparently obvious and empower ourselves to be subjects of change in this market society where its momentum pushes to make us just objects to be sold to advertisers.


Raúl Antón Cuadrado


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