What is Media Literacy

Media Literacy? Sounds… ehhh… what’s that?

Media Literacy it’s all about “Building our Educator’ words” (Daniel Prieto Castillo), with a horizontal approach where education and communication go through a chaotic path.

Side note: I don’t like the word Educator. The teacher/educator is the agent of the action in the verb educate. But I’m a convinced advocate of the learners being the owner of their learning path. So I prefer a verb converting them from being the object to the subject… what about using ‘Learning’. And the teacher is no longer an educator, but a facilitator, an animator or a trainer…

Media Literacy is a process that converts the communication target into a participant. And therefore requires them to be a critical and creative thinker.

Atribución flickr-com/photos/shonk/418180402
Atribución flickr-com/photos/shonk/418180402

So Media Literacy is about being critical and creative.


because “mass media are symbolic systems” (Masterman, 1985, pg 36). Even more, on the Internet the vast majority of messages are ads-like (Callejo Gallego, 2008). We need to learn to interpret and deconstruct these messages.


because “learners should be encouraged to be transmitters” (Kaplún, 1998, Pg 244), but not merely transmitters: they must create, not broadcast what others created. We don’t search for perfection but just authenticity and genuine production.

And critical reception + creative emission are nothing but a runaway from Bourdieu and Passeron’s reproduction. Beautiful, isn’t it?

‘That which is not slightly distorted lacks sensible appeal; from … appeal; from which it follows that irregularity—that is to say, the unexpected, surprise and astonishment, are an essential part and characteristic of beauty. (Baudelaire)

Media Literacy is dangerous for the system.

So Media Literacy is a powerful weapon to defeat the “obvious things dictatorship”. We live in a world where everything is a truism. The imposed consensus perceived as a given gift, strangles the divergent thinking. Here is where Media Literacy is useful. Necessary.

Media literacy muscles can be trained. They are strengthened as they are used. But be aware: awareness is socially dangerous because it converts the system pieces into dangerous people: people questioning truisms (R.I. Correa García, Imagen y Control Social, Pg. 192)

Durante semanas Genaro Marín vagó por la ciudad como un apestado, mendigando de puerta en puerta, pero las puertas, sin excepción, se le cerraban y el Grupo le expulsó de su seno y sus compañeros de oficina se cruzaban de acera para evitar saludarle y las gentes decían: <<Es un revolucionario, pregunta cuando las respuestas ya están dadas>>  (Delibes, Parábola del Naúfrago, Pág. 74)


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