Los valores de Buffer, de https://open.bufferapp.com/buffer-values/

#BufferCulture2Learning: A toolbox to enforce horizontal emancipatory learning communities’ culture.

Buffer is an amazing social tool. But Buffer has something even better: the buffer  culture. Buffer teams are postfordist and distributed (dispersed, to be more precise) and they are determined to act in a canonically transparent incomparable way. Sound awesome? It is. They have assessed the Buffer culture in 10 values to rule this globally-spread team with a common goal.

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4 things 12-year-old kids want in a Web App.

Again, I’m discussing a 12-year-old kids questionnaire at IES Ribera del Duero. So what does this study tell us about children’s Internet participation? What do they appreciate in an application / web page to participate in it? We gave the interviewed kids the following options to be answered with a value from 1 to 10: […]

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