WordCamp Finland ‘Remote teams leadership public/private keys: Horizontality + Openness’ slides

I remember back in 1996 where I got a microwave Internet access (How? That’s a longer history). The best place in the whole world to get stuff was Oulu university servers (Heads up I’m talking about FTP, not HTTP). It was paradise! It sounded picturesque, far away… but now, 25 years later, the Internet removed distances and we can be together.

I’m more than glad. Honored. Thrilled… to be in WordCamp Finland. For the moment everything has been awesome: the communication, the help from Kalle (bluescreen4040) to record my session. It’s a pleasure to work with.

We’ll see how it goes on Thursday 12th (2pm CEST), but for the moment, I’ll share my slides, just in case someone wants to follow them or ask any question in advance / after the talk. Here they are:

Eagerly looking forward to be with you at WC Finland!!!!

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